a log cabin-style Tiny Home

Tiny Home, Log Cabin Style

Here’s our latest custom Tiny Home creation, log cabin-style. It was completed in late 2016. We’ve named it The Hunter’s Dream. That it is!

We’ve taken it on tour to Galveston Texas and through the south, and recently we took it to Denver CO and to Hunter’s Extravaganza in San Antonio Texas. Everyone who sees it wants a tour!

a log cabin-style Tiny Home

a log cabin-style Tiny Home

Steve Villines of Southwest Tiny Homes at the 2016 Tiny Home Jamboree in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Tiny Homes Jamboree This Weekend!

We – Steve and Dana Villines of Southwest Tiny Homes – will be in Colorado Springs August 5-7 for the Tiny Homes Jamboree!

The event is in its second year and is already huge, so we are looking forward to seeing an attendance of 70,000 (or so) Tiny Home enthusiasts. We can’t wait to meet them all!

Get tickets or more information on the Jamboree here: tinyhousejamboree.com

Find us at the Volstrukt booth!

Our First Time Around

The first day sitting down at the dinner table we could not imagine the finished product of our first Tiny home. Mark and I had our ideas. I wanted a stair case. He wanted the drawers included in the stairs. I wanted a full sized shower. He wanted a U-shaped full kitchen. We started with an idea and ended up with a Cadillac. Many bells and whistles are included, from a 2-way heat and cooling source to a propane on-demand hot water heater. One of the main things that we learned on this go-around is that every person has their ideas and ways of fitting all they want in a small space. That is one thing that makes Tiny Home living so interesting.

Southwest Tiny Homes - custom-built moveable homes


It is a custom build. If you like it you can find a place for it. If it’s a good idea it will have to fit in some where. After this first time around other floor plans have come to mind based on what we have visualized here. I like a first floor bedroom. He likes a skylight. I want a desk area for my office stuff and he likes a pullout deck. The first experience was fun and I am looking forward to our next model. Tiny homes have their place and we hope to fill need with our innovation and designs.